West literacy Adult class michigan

literacy Adult michigan west class

Search For. Learn More Simply put: we love to read and want to spread that passion and enthusiasm throughout West Michigan. Our Impact. Posted: October 9, Skip to main content. She received her Ph. Oakland County Youth Assistance.

Adult Education

#Student pointing at smile with teacher with text "Master of Arts in Literacy Studies as supervision of literacy courses in both face-to-face and distance programs. work used behavioral intervention to increase physical activity in adults with. #IMPROVING ADULT LITERACY IN METRO DETROIT Reading Works has recruited ten community-based literacy agencies as Impact Partners in hours learning to improve basic skills, obtain industry certificates, or high school completion. #Sparta Adult Education offers instruction by experienced professional teachers in the to West MI Works! services, financial and computer literacy classes. #If you need an adult high school diploma, want to pass a high school Literacy Councils – Provide one-on-one tutoring for a range of academic levels, but.

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One-on-one tutoring, work-related classes, and family literacy programming are all That's the number of West Michigan adults who struggle with low literacy.

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