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Ballet Burst: an intervention study to improve health and fitness in people with intellectual disabilities. All participants provided written informed consent. International With offenders Working sex learning disabilities with of Behavioral Consultation and Therapy. CBT for 12 months in 2-hr weekly group sessions. However, they had a number of concerns including lack of knowledge and training, potential under use of DOLS and disappointment with case law. The results indicated that the moral reasoning abilities of offenders with intellectual disabilities were developmentally delayed but were still more mature than those of nonoffenders with intellectual disabilities.

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#Feb 27, Sexual offenders with learning disabilities are also at greater risk of re-offending Approaches to working with sexual offenders with learning. #Jul 18, Sex offender treatment programmes in learning disabilities should be working to develop individual plans for people moving into their own. #with intellectual and developmental disabilities as suspects, offenders, victims or witnesses. About The Arc: .. being told that a sex offender is living, working, or. #Dec 17, Training staff to work with learning disabled sex offenders. Support staff at a learning disability provider now have a better idea of what is.

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Key words: learning disability, intellectual disability, sexual offending, personality predominant diagnoses of sex offenders are those in the group of Disruptive.

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