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Home Page Contribute now! Like what you're seeing? I use a grid on the reference, I then draw another pencil grid on the paper to make the drawing the exact size I want, then draw the simple outlines in pencil as accurately as possible and then erase the pencil as I color the silva ballpoint pen art Samuel. Major Explosion In London, Ont. You can find him online: Facebook: facebook.

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#Feb 21, Unknown to many, Samuel Silva is a lawyer by day, and a talent hyper-realist artist at night. In his spare time, he creates these ballpoint pen. #"Tiger" Lapiz Bic, Pen Illustration, Pencil Art, Tiger Drawing, Drawing Samuel Silva's Incredible Ballpoint Pen Drawings "Jaguar" - Ballpoint pen Original size: 6 . #Samuel Silva, London, United Kingdom. likes ยท 34 talking about this. Artist Samuel Silva's official FB. Videos. Tribal Boy - Ballpoint pen on paper. #Palace garden in Kyoto, Japan, Bic Ballpoint Pen by VianaArts . I started drawing and developing my own style of ballpoint pen drawing back when I was in.

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Aug 23, Yes, that is right. This is a ballpoint pen drawing. Samuel Silva, the artist, used 8 different colors taking 30 hours to complete it. No other media.
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