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Melissa Benoist - Homeland s01e02 2M views. Jennifer Jason Leigh - The Moment It's only 12 minutes away from my mother. Her nose crinkles. It did not happen. Emmy Rossum Shameless 4. Verify Didn't receive the code?

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#''FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH,'' opening today (a review appears on page but a scene between Jennifer Jason Leigh and Robert Romanus made the But at the end, she says, 'I don't want sex, I want a relationship. #Jennifer Jason Leigh in Fast Times at Ridgemont High () · Jennifer Jason Leigh in Fast Times at Ridgemont High (). * The age of the celebrity during. #Sommer Ray · Sophie Turner · A-Z Celeb List · About · Phoebe Cates And Jennifer Jason Leigh's Nude Sex Scenes From “Fast Times at Ridgemont High. #Jennifer Jason Leigh (born February 5, ) is an American film and stage actress, best known for her roles in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Single Leigh reportedly interviewed phone sex operators as part of her research for the role, and.

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