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Colombians are also very passionate. Thank you. This lazy panda forgot to write something about itself. Being the birthplace of Shakespeare and enjoying blend of beautiful cultures, United Kingdom has everything that you expect from a country. Continue Reading. Matt Artisan.

#17 Sweden

#Imgur user itsamazing, who helps run a gaming server with people all over the world, asked all the people on it who the most beautiful woman in their country. #Jun 5, Countries With The World's Most Beautiful Women Margareta Arvidsson and Yvonne Ryding were the other two Miss Universe winners from. #Jan 18, Brazil was voted the number 1 country with beautiful women. This selection is courtesy of 'U City Guides' that decided to chose 10 countries. #What country in Europe has the most beautiful women, in your Not genetics, as such (white more attractive than other skin colours), but the.

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In all the countries of the world which ones do you think have the best- looking women? I'm sure that the answers to this question will differ greatly as.

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