English Language Teacher Education and Development (ELTED)

English Language Teacher Education and Development (ELTED)

[ISSN 1365-3741]

… is an annual, peer-reviewed journal for the worldwide ELT community which is produced by the English Language Teacher Education and Development Research Group of the Centre for Applied Linguistics, University of Warwick.

It seeks to provide a medium for the exchange of ideas and information on issues pertaining to English language teacher education and development. The journal is targeted at all those involved in English language teacher education and development worldwide, for whom, at present, there are few published journals dealing specifically with this interest area.

All back issues are available for free at the following website:


Volume 11 (edited by Judith Kennedy and Ema Ushioda) contains the following articles:

 · Towards a pedagogy for empowerment: The case of ‘impostor syndrome’ among pre-service non-native speaker teachers in TESOL – Eva Bernat

· Pre-service ESL teachers’ instructional discourse during one-on-one tutoring – Vicky Giouroukakis, Andrea Honigsfeld, Jacqueline Endres-Nenchin and Lisa Peluso

· Class participation in a teacher training college: What is it and what factors influence it? – Dafne Green

· Studying discourse analysis: Does it have an impact on trainee English language teachers? – Ramona Tang

· Process versus product? Personal reflection and experimentation in task-based learning with the Hiroshima Teacher Trainees 2008 – Clari Searle

· Changing approaches to teaching grammar – Sheena Gardner

· Evolving academic journal editorial systems – John Adamson and Theron Muller

· Taking stock of ELTED (A conversation) – Judith Kennedy, Richard Smith and Ema Ushioda


For the next (Winter 2009) volume, to be edited by Peter Brown and Steve Mann, we are focusing on the theme of ‘innovations in teacher education and development’. We particularly welcome contributions in areas such as the following:

 • Use of ICT, multimedia or the internet to support teacher development

• Co-operative or collaborative teacher development

• Use of video in supporting teacher development

• Mentoring and support of novice teachers

• Developing communities of practice


We would also encourage innovative genres of writing, including brief reports of exploratory practice or action research, and contributions involving multimedia (e.g. with links to video of classroom data). Contributions or enquiries about the next issue can be sent to Steve Mann (Steve.Mann@warwick.ac.uk)  or Peter Brown (P.J.Brown@warwick.ac.uk).

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